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Send me an Attack On Titan character and I will answer your questions.
  • Eren: What makes you the most angry right now? Are you quick to anger, do you have a lot of patience, or do you just explode?
  • Mikasa: Who do you care most about?
  • Armin: What's your favorite thing to learn about and study?
  • Jean: What has destroyed your hope in humanity, or are you still holding out hope?
  • Connie: What are you most proud of in your life? Are others proud of you for that?
  • Sasha: What are your favorite foods? Do you hunt or garden?
  • Christa: Has anyone ever hidden anything from you that you learned about later in life?
  • Ymir: Where do you see yourself in 60 years? What was happening 60 years before your birth?
  • Annie: Do you know any martial arts?
  • Bertholdt: How do you defend yourself in fights? What defense mechanisms do you use?
  • Reiner: What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?
  • Levi: How tall are you? How often do you shit?
  • Erwin: Would you be able to sacrifice the people you love the most in order to save humanity?
  • Hange Zoe: What makes a good leader, in your opinion?
  • Petra: What's your favorite kind of beverage or tea?
  • Mike Zacharius: What smells do you hate? What smells do you enjoy?
  • Ouro: Who do you look up to the most in your life?
  • Eld: What advice would you give to a group of people?
  • Gunther: What is your daily hairstyle like?
  • Marco: What are two things you are torn between right now? (Favorite activities, dreams, obligations, people, etc.)
  • Ilse: Post something you've written that you're proud of.
  • Carla Jaeger: What characteristics of your parents do you resemble?
  • Pastor Nick: What's the biggest lie you've ever gotten away with?


God bless those people who are INCREDIBLE writers but decide to use those skills to write gay fanfiction

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Joker ♦Book of Circus _ 02
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stonereverett asked:
hello. I saw your reblog comment on that Nash grier video and just wanted to say, I'm sorry. That video is really disgusting and I'm sorry you had to watch that and for the joke to be that bad that you are too numb to feel offended. I really am sorry, I hope you have a lovely day/ night.

hello dear! thanks for the message, that was really kind of you. :) actually I’m honestly not offended at all, like, I’m not even numb because I’ve heard a lot of racist shit so when I watched that it was just more like “lol what the actual fuck”. rather, I was annoyed and chose to give a small rant because of how screwed up nash grier’s mindset is. it doesn’t matter if he attacks me (or my race for that matter cos we’re way above that), but the problem is more that he thinks making fun of others (and not just in terms of race, but LGBT etc, or so I heard) actually constitutes a sense of humour, which it very clearly doesn’t. actually I’m somewhat satisfied that most of tumblr and hopefully the internet already seems to know that he’s a douche, so as long as more people gradually come to understand that his sense of humour is actually seriously indecent, i’m fine. :) douchebags like him will always be an ever-present constant, you know? but again, thank you so much for the message. I hope you have a lovely day/night as well. :)

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